Kikuyu Books Kikuyu Folktales - Their Nature and Value by Rose Mwangi

Our Story

A short story

November 2018. It is during this month that I decided to take on a journey to learn more about my People (The Agĩkũyũ) – Culture, History & Way of Life. Back then I didn’t know where to begin and the road ahead seemed to fork into many paths. The first path I choose was searching the web for materials and following people and pages which shared the content that I found relevant. That path later branched out and I found myself wandering in Nairobi and Kikuyuland towns hunting for books and resources with Kikuyu history, stories, and folklores. During these wanderings, I have collected a number of books which I believe could be of help to anyone who, like me, is interested in exploring our origin and rich culture. If that’s you, I welcome you to Kikuyuland Bookshelf: Wĩrute Gĩkũyũ.

About the Bookshelf

This is an Independent online bookshop for new and gently-used modern & vintage Kikuyu books at affordable prices just for you!

All the books are handpicked and ideal for both adults and children who want to learn about our rich culture. see the available books list and prices below.

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Book List and Prices

Available Books

1. Ũrathi wa Cege wa Kĩbirũby D.K Mũgĩa: Kshs 699/-
2. Kaguraru na Waithira by M. N. Kabetũ: Kshs 499/-
3. Kariũki na Mũthoni by B. Mareka Gecaga: Kshs 399/-
4. Kikuyu Folktales by Rose Mwangi: Kshs 599/-
5. Kĩrĩra kĩa Ũgĩkũyũ by M.N Kabetũ: Kshs 599/-
6. Ng’ano ikũmi na ithano cia Ũgĩkũyũ by W Sadler: Kshs 399/-
7. Rũgendo rũa Mũgendi by John Bunyan: Kshs 899/-
8. Kikuyu People E. Mugo: Kshs 499/-
9. 1000 Kikuyu Proverbs by G. Barra: Kshs 899/-

Get all the available books (9) for only Kshs 5,199/-

How to buy these books.

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